Nxt Advantages

FAST!!! Nxt Transaction Time based one minute block generation time specification vs. six minutes on the Bitcoin blockchain.

SECURE!! Nxt Network based on 100% open source Java code and Transparent Forging.  Transparent Forging in the Nxt blockchain saves vast amounts of energy by reaching network consensus every minute by Nxt core code design, determining which specific node will forge each successive Nxt transaction block.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY!! The 100% Proof of Stake Nxt ecosystem does not require power gobbling ASICS to secure the Nxt network.  The lean and efficient Nxt code has been optimized for speed, low energy consumption, and security.  Nxt nodes have been installed on a Raspi, a Cubietruck, an Android TV Stick, phones, and laptops.

DECENTRALIZED CRYPTOCURRENCY!!  The Nxt blockchain is the world’s first truly decentralized cryptocurrency.  Bitcoin paved the way and planted the seed of imagination that has led to the creation of the Nxt cryptocurrency ecosystem.  The Nxt core code protocol solves the problems encountered with the Bitcoin blockchain such as centralization of network control in mining pools (51% Attack risk to Bitcoin only).

FLEXIBILITY!!  The Nxt cryptocurrency ecosystem is implementing advanced features that facilitate deployment of Decentralized Applications utilizing the Nxt Blockchain.