New Nxt clients

New Nxt Clients

Nxt, the 2nd generation crypto­currency, didn’t have shiny client software available at launch. Instead, it came with a very basic browser­based client, NRS or Nxt Reference Software. NRS was not really aimed at mainstream users, and could take some work to install, even for more advanced users. Several community ­made clients were released or received major updates in Feb 2014:

NXT Solaris,  NXT Wallet,  dotNXT   and  ClieNXT  were  all  updated,  and  are  now  very  usable  even for  more  mainstream  NXT  adopters.  In  addition  to  these  four,  the  organisation  behind  the  DGEX (BTC<>NXT) exchange released a very polished first version of their Offspring client. These easy to ­install clients incorporate all of the current Nxt features set:

Sending and receiving NXT, creation and assignment of aliases, messaging using the Nxt Arbitrary Message system, and access to the Nxt decentralised Asset Exchange. Each of the above clients also has its own unique features:

ClieNXT is a slim, lightweight client with a clean interface. NXT Solaris is a heavyweight, with a huge range  of  options  and  features,  for  example  the  ability  to  control  multiple  accounts,  or  to  receive exchange data in real­time. NXTWallet is a visually stunning, browser­based client. Offspring stores your password in wallet files and will have included exchange.

The results of this activity were easy to see: NXT prices rose by approximately 25% over the two days following the client launches. When this is combined with the start of test implementation for Nxt’s revolutionary Asset Exchange, Nxt is more than living up to its initial promise of delivering not just a new crypto­currency but a complete framework to build an online economy. All clients can be found at  Mentioned Nxt features are explained in Nxt Wiki:

NXT Solaris (

Solaris is a full featured NXT client for Windows. As well as the usual Nxt features, including Asset Exchange, Solaris boasts several features that are not native to Nxt, such as market information monitoring and an address book, as well as support for multiple accounts. The installation process
is simple, and the user can choose between open­ or closed­ source versions. The source code was released on February 16, 2014.

ClieNXT (

ClieNXT is a simple open­source client written in Java, as is the native Nxt client, NRS. The current version (0.0.4) has one­click install and auto­update ability as well as all of the basic Nxt functionality. One additional feature is the ability to send multiple transactions or messages using Nxt’s AM system.

DotNxt (

DotNxt was announced on the 14th January 2014 as an entrant in the Nxt client competition and was released on the 18th of the same month. Source code was released on the 1st February. DotNxts aims to be a simple and accessible, easy install client with a clean interface and simple design values. It supports all current Nxt features, and is built using the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0.

Offspring (

Right now Offspring supports basic NXT features: Sending money, assigning aliases and creating tokens. It also includes real time BTC / NXT market rate. Among planned features are: Multicurrency client; asset exchange; full block explorer; encrypted p2p messaging and transaction memos. Offspring stores NXT private keys (passphrase) together with Offspring account label in an encrypted file. While other clients still use „brainwallet“, this now provides wallet files known from Bitcoin wallets.

NXT Wallet (­client/)

NXT Wallet is a web client with many features including Asset Exchange. It is currently connected to TestNet which is test version of NXT network used by Asset Exchange developers. It provides Contacts, Messages, Aliases and even Polls and list of News. So you can read news from Nxt forums, blogs, or social sites straight from the web client. It will be packaged as a downloadable program for windows, linux and mac.

nxtFreeRider (

This is not classical client for average users, but a valuable complement to the other clients: It is a powerful tool for developers, with focus on the Asset Exchange system. It is a fully open sourced python implementation for api communication. Program can be extended by anybody easily by
modifying existing stuff in there.


Nxs, pronounced “Nexus”, is a modified version of the default NRS web app of the official Nxt client that includes many new features and a more modern design. It allows to set a language or to show QR code of the currently unlocked account. It includes new secret phrases generator. Users can also use up to 100 predefined substitution ciphers to obscure their secret phrase from dictionary words. Its source code was released on February 18:

To learn more: /

To trade NXT please go to: /  / /

NXT thread on Bitcointalk:

NXT Source Code:­public/src

NXT Whitepaper:

Download PDF version:

Authors: Damelon and Salsacz     Proofreader: EvilDave

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