Current Nxt technical discussions between developers often occur on the bitcointalk forums;

Nxt Instant Transactions and Guaranteed Confirmations Discussion Nxt Instant Protocol development seeks to implement true 6 second transaction times as a Nxt Decentralized Application.

Nxt Cash – Proposal and Discussion Nxt Cash is the Zerocoin protocol developed by Johns Hopkins University implemented as an optional use Nxt Decentralized Application.

A search on the Nxt Firehose bitcoin talk forum for Nxt nodecoin will yield technical discussion of the implementation of the first coin deployment in the Nxt Asset Exchange.  This nodecoin serves the purpose of rewarding all active forging nodes on the Nxt network with nodecoin relative to their time spent securing the Nxt network, thus providing incentive to small holders of NXT to help secure the Nxt network.

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